What’s up Wednesday – Apples

Ironically, this post is almost the exact opposite of last Wednesday’s.

We’re still trying to reduce the family’s overall sugar intake (or at the very least, trying to be more conscious of how much sugar is in different snack options).

And so with that in mind, I attemped a sugar free apple crisp.

But it turned out pretty meh.

Which is a problem…

Because we’ve still got buckets and buckets of apples.

And it’s been a real challenge to come up with good apple recipes that are low on the sugar.

So for now, in an effort to get through all the apples,

I’m just making whatever people will eat.

And boy, oh boy, did I ever hit it out of the park last night!

Apple pie so good it doesn’t even require ice cream!!

Say what??

That, like, never happens.

Ice cream is a must on apple pie.

But, I’ve also been trying to eat dairy free,  so getting around the ice cream was a double win!!!

Seriously… Soooooo good.


Best Apple Pie EVER (click on picture to jump to recipe)


Also, I’ve been making batches of my Mom’s applesauce with the smaller apples.

Because, it really, really sucks to peel little bitty apples.

I first tried some variations of Mom’s recipe, adding different ingredients found in other recipes on pinterest.

But the kids just turned up their noses.

It didn’t taste like Grandma’s.

Didn’t cut the mustard.

So, now, I make it exactly like hers.

Nothing complicated.  Just good and wholesome.

Just like Grandma 🙂


Mom’s Applesauce


1 cup water

1 cup sugar

dash of cinnamon

Place clean, cut up apples in a large pot with water, sugar and cinnamon

Cook down until soft (about 20-30 minutes)

Put through “ricer” to get rid of skins & cores


Notes:    I quartered my apples (but they were just small apples)

I used about a tsp of cinnamon, which is probably considerably more than a dash

I used enough apples to fill my largest pot 1/2 full (it’s an 8 qt pot)

A “ricer” is apparently an old lady term for a chinois strainer (if you’re trying to find one, like I was, and no one at the store knows what you are talking about.  Love you Mom)


Inspire Me Monday – Studio McGee

Studio McGee is the interior design studio of Syd and Shea McGee.

I want to be Shea McGee when I grow up.

I mean, even her name is cool.

I absolutely drool over every interior they produce… EVERY… SINGLE… ONE!

Seriously.  Sometimes they showcase a project and I think, well, that’s really not my style.  Then I REALLY look at the pictures and I think, man, that’s fabulous, I could really see myself living here.

Then they turn around and present a totally different project and I think, man, I could really see myself living HERE.

It goes on and on.

They get me excited about white.

They get me excited about colour.

They get me excited about art.

They get me excited about clean styled bookcases.

They get me excited about open shelving in kitchens.

They get me excited about dark painted cupboards.

And they get me really, really, REALLY excited about bathrooms…









Living Spaces






Laundry rooms and Mudrooms












What’s up Wednesday – Going sugar free

Sugar… gack… it’s my kryptonite…

But I’ve been working hard lately to reduce our family’s sugar consumption.

I was tired of the kids coming home and plunking down with a bag of chips, shovelling in 3 cookies and chasing it all down with an italian soda.

I mean, come on!

It is crazy when you calculate just how much sugar you’ve consumed in a 5 minute span.

But it’s my fault… I’m the one stocking the pantry… they’re just hungry and grabbing whatever is handy.

So I’ve made these sugar-free chocolate chip muffins twice now (sugar free aside from the chocolate chips, of course).



And the kids LOVE them!!

Gobble them up!!!

Of course it may be because I haven’t baked muffins in months??

Regardless… they’re gone in a day.


Also these little power balls are on constant repeat.  Again, no added sugar.




Now I just have to find me some good sugar free apple recipes.

I have 6 buckets of apples I picked yesterday.

The last from our tree.

HUGE harvest for us this year.

Last year, I had 2.

Literally… 2 apples.

This year, PILES!



Friday Favorites

Apparently I was a bit to obvious with my excitement for school to start again.

I think it was starting to hurt my kids feelings.

They felt like I didn’t enjoy being around them.

Couldn’t wait to be rid of them.

And so, I felt bad.

It’s not that I don’t love spending time with them.

It’s just that it seemed that I spent all day, every day,  standing in the kitchen, making meals, serving friends, cleaning up, doing dishes, supervising kids doing their “own” baking, doing more dishes…

It was enjoyable, it was quality time spent together, but it needed to come to an end.

And now school is in full swing and the house is quiet and I’m excited to clean and organize and paint and, and, and… whatever the hell I want to do.

So.. sorry, but not sorry.


favorite foyer


favourite bathroom


favorite kitchen


favorite open shelving


favorite mudroom


favorite fall decorating


favorite office


favorite kids room


favorite porch


favorite exterior


favorite gardens


favorite outfit


favorite flowers


Friday Favorites

Does anyone else find it hard to enjoy summer?

I’m trying so hard, but I find it hard to relax.

Nothing constructive gets done… I’m still just running kids around, preparing meals, blowing up pool animals… but work and unfinished projects are nagging at the back of my mind…

Only 38 more days until school starts (not like I’m counting or anything).

So for now I’ll just keep pouring the margaritas… Cheers!



Favorite kitchen


Favorite open shelves


Favorite office


Favorite bathroom


Favorite bedroom


Favorite linen closet


Favorite bench


Favorite art installation


Favorite exterior


Favorite outfit


Favorite flowers


Friday Favorite

Friday favorites…. except it’s Tuesday

Sigh…. I guess that’s just the way summer rolls.

I thought this was the summer I’d finally crack down and get a bunch of projects completed.

But I find myself spending most of my time running kids around.

And preparing food.  My God, they’re always hungry!!

I’m trying to roll with it and just enjoy our time together.

But meanwhile, the to do lists keep adding up…


favorite kitchen


favorite open shelving (and adorable pendant light)


favorite bathroom


favorite entry doors


favorite outdoor dining


favorite stairwell


favorite bench


favorite ironstone


favorite outfit


favorite flowers


Friday Favorites

And we made it!

School break!!

Ahh….. the lazy days of summer.

 I’d forgotten, how demanding the littles are when they are home all day.

“Mom! I need help!”

“Mom, come see this!”

“Mom, I’m hungry!”

I had such great aspirations of painting all summer

and finally finishing all the projects left hanging around,

but so far, I’ve accomplished absolutely nothing.

Oh well… hopefully next week will be more productive.

For now, there’s a sunny deck and a cold drink calling my name.


favorite kitchen


favorite open shelves


favorite sink


favorite barn door


favorite nursery


favorite farmhouse sign


favorite bathroom


favorite entry


favorite outfit


favorite flowers


Friday Favorites

Good grief…

Only 4 days left of school before summer break…

Only 4 days left of peace and quiet…

4 days until the arguing and complaining and “I’m so bored” begin…

Oh well, on a positive note, only 4 more days of making school

lunches, and that’s truly something to celebrate.



favorite entry


favorite kitchen


favorite dining room


favorite open shelves


favorite bathroom


favorite painted furniture


favorite veggie garden


favorite outfit


favorite flowers

Friday Favorites

My how the weeks are flying by.

Only 9 more days of school until summer break and I’m trying to cram as much into my days as I possibly can before all the kids are home for summer.

Oh how I will miss the silence…

On the other hand, no more school lunches for 2 whole months.

And if that isn’t a reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is 🙂


favorite kitchen


favorite open shelves


favorite bathroom


favorite bedroom


favorite barn door (and loving those pendants)


favorite entry bench


favorite out building


favorite garden


favorite flowers


favorite outfit



Friday Favorites


the sun is shining,

the tulips are blooming,

the trees are in flower,

and the first shoots of perennials are pushing up out of the ground.

Finally…  take a deep breath and relax again…

favorite laundry room


favorite kitchen


favorite open shelves


favorite bathroom


favorite exterior


favorite entry bench


favorite barn door


favorite outfit


favorite shoes


favorite flowers