What’s up Wednesday – Apples

Ironically, this post is almost the exact opposite of last Wednesday’s.

We’re still trying to reduce the family’s overall sugar intake (or at the very least, trying to be more conscious of how much sugar is in different snack options).

And so with that in mind, I attemped a sugar free apple crisp.

But it turned out pretty meh.

Which is a problem…

Because we’ve still got buckets and buckets of apples.

And it’s been a real challenge to come up with good apple recipes that are low on the sugar.

So for now, in an effort to get through all the apples,

I’m just making whatever people will eat.

And boy, oh boy, did I ever hit it out of the park last night!

Apple pie so good it doesn’t even require ice cream!!

Say what??

That, like, never happens.

Ice cream is a must on apple pie.

But, I’ve also been trying to eat dairy free,  so getting around the ice cream was a double win!!!

Seriously… Soooooo good.


Best Apple Pie EVER (click on picture to jump to recipe)


Also, I’ve been making batches of my Mom’s applesauce with the smaller apples.

Because, it really, really sucks to peel little bitty apples.

I first tried some variations of Mom’s recipe, adding different ingredients found in other recipes on pinterest.

But the kids just turned up their noses.

It didn’t taste like Grandma’s.

Didn’t cut the mustard.

So, now, I make it exactly like hers.

Nothing complicated.  Just good and wholesome.

Just like Grandma 🙂


Mom’s Applesauce


1 cup water

1 cup sugar

dash of cinnamon

Place clean, cut up apples in a large pot with water, sugar and cinnamon

Cook down until soft (about 20-30 minutes)

Put through “ricer” to get rid of skins & cores


Notes:    I quartered my apples (but they were just small apples)

I used about a tsp of cinnamon, which is probably considerably more than a dash

I used enough apples to fill my largest pot 1/2 full (it’s an 8 qt pot)

A “ricer” is apparently an old lady term for a chinois strainer (if you’re trying to find one, like I was, and no one at the store knows what you are talking about.  Love you Mom)


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