What’s up Wednesday – Going sugar free

Sugar… gack… it’s my kryptonite…

But I’ve been working hard lately to reduce our family’s sugar consumption.

I was tired of the kids coming home and plunking down with a bag of chips, shovelling in 3 cookies and chasing it all down with an italian soda.

I mean, come on!

It is crazy when you calculate just how much sugar you’ve consumed in a 5 minute span.

But it’s my fault… I’m the one stocking the pantry… they’re just hungry and grabbing whatever is handy.

So I’ve made these sugar-free chocolate chip muffins twice now (sugar free aside from the chocolate chips, of course).



And the kids LOVE them!!

Gobble them up!!!

Of course it may be because I haven’t baked muffins in months??

Regardless… they’re gone in a day.


Also these little power balls are on constant repeat.  Again, no added sugar.




Now I just have to find me some good sugar free apple recipes.

I have 6 buckets of apples I picked yesterday.

The last from our tree.

HUGE harvest for us this year.

Last year, I had 2.

Literally… 2 apples.

This year, PILES!



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