Friday Favorites

Apparently I was a bit to obvious with my excitement for school to start again.

I think it was starting to hurt my kids feelings.

They felt like I didn’t enjoy being around them.

Couldn’t wait to be rid of them.

And so, I felt bad.

It’s not that I don’t love spending time with them.

It’s just that it seemed that I spent all day, every day,  standing in the kitchen, making meals, serving friends, cleaning up, doing dishes, supervising kids doing their “own” baking, doing more dishes…

It was enjoyable, it was quality time spent together, but it needed to come to an end.

And now school is in full swing and the house is quiet and I’m excited to clean and organize and paint and, and, and… whatever the hell I want to do.

So.. sorry, but not sorry.


favorite foyer


favourite bathroom


favorite kitchen


favorite open shelving


favorite mudroom


favorite fall decorating


favorite office


favorite kids room


favorite porch


favorite exterior


favorite gardens


favorite outfit


favorite flowers


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