Weight loss after 40

I’m determined to drop 10 pounds before family vacations this winter.

 Actually, 15 would be optimal, but I’m trying to keep things real.  Really, even 10 is feeling like a stretch.

Ever since crossing that 40 year milestone, its been harder and harder to shake the extra pounds off.  It’s like those pounds have grown fond of you and enjoy hanging around, kinda like an old friend.  Perhaps lingering over a cup of coffee, reminiscing about old times (or rather, yummy desserts we shared).  Or perhaps its just that I don’t care anymore.  There’s nobody to impress, nobody who really cares how big my ass or belly get.

Except it really sucks when I have to struggle to get into my jeans.

And that fact that my muffin top is quickly expanding to resemble something more like overflowing pans of rising bread dough, is depressing.

And the thought of squeezing into a swimsuit….


Anyways, I’m trying to commit to doing something active every week day (hopefully saying it aloud will increase my dedication).  I’ve been getting out for a run 2 to 3 times a week (yay me!).  But this was my run yesterday,


What? Snow before Halloween?

That’s Fall in Canada for you.

P.S. if you’re running in the cold (or really, doing anything outside in the cold), these merino wool socks by Icebreaker are seriously the bomb.  Try them.  Seriously.

Icebreaker socks

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