Hello world!




This shit is about to get real!

I’m just going to jump in and pretend like we’ve been friends forever, you know, like bff’s where no small talk is required, just squeal, and hug, and skip straight to the goods.

 We’re currently in the middle of a basement reno and everyone’s been waiting on me for months (months! isn’t it amazing how quickly time can get away on us!) to pick colours and get busy painting.  But I’ve been frozen in fear of picking the wrong colour of white.  White!  Do you know how many colours of white there are?  Like a bazillion.

So I researched online and pinned hundreds of pictures and read tons of articles and finally settled.

Benjamin Moore – Simply White

Ahhh… simple

or not so much?

I’ve started, but it doesn’t seem quite right, but perhaps that’s just nerves?  Who knows?  But I’ve decided f%@* it, it’s just white (and nobody else in my family can even see the difference between the 5 shades of white I’ve already painted on the wall).

So apparently it’s just me and I need to get over it and paint the damn walls so the electricians can install the light fixtures and the floors can be laid and my kids can have their new rooms and the gazillion boxes can be moved out of the rest of the house and back down into the basement and life can get back to normal.  Whew, is that all?

And so I begin, and y’all are here to keep me in line and on target and accountable.  Ok? Ok.

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